Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Finding New Projects

I'm in need of a new project. Something that I can schedule myself to do everyday... well at least some days. working has taken over my life... i need something more to do with my time.... I'll find it eventually... -Lisa-

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Adventure time

Usually when I begin to blog again it is because I am searching for who I really am. It amazes me every time I give up on writing. Oh me and writing, we have a love hate relationship. Only when I am down and out can I write something. I wish it were different. I wish for a lot of things. But most of all I wish for happiness. I am tired of sitting around and watching life pass me by. So, I will go out and find it myself. It’s only me and my future and my happiness. So this blog will document the things I love most. Writing, traveling and life’s adventures. Perhaps it will ultimately lead to video form. But right now I am going to stick to writing. Let the adventure begin!